Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Interviewing recruiter - hints on interview questions

If we say that recruiting is very important for organisation then organisation needs to have top-shelf recruiters to recruit top-shelf staff but they need to have more top-shelf recruiters to recruit more top-shelf staff...
....anyway how to qualify top-shelf recruiter during the interview?

It's been always a nightmare to interview guys that are used to tricky questions and they pass them along among each-other.
Since I interview recruiters for our team I have few of my favourites. I usually shoot 2-3 questions and 1 case study to see what is his/her (real) experience like and what is the way my fellow recruiters think.

Q1: What is the difference between good/the best and bad/regular recruiter?
Q2: What are top 5 important things that recruitment team needs to have in order to be successful?
Q3: Give me an example from your non-professional life that shows that you're a good recruiter?
Q4: Give an example from last 6 months when you made an impact on how recruitment works in your company?
Q5: What was so far the most challenging positions you had to fill?
Q6: How would you present an offer to candidate taking into consideration that his base salary will be 20% lower then current one but with potential bonus it might go as high as 120% of current annual pay?

Case studies:
CS1. Company has a strong product brand but is not among top 10 employers of choice. How would you increase number of applications they do receive?
CS2. Start up company has stable financing, innovative product but pays 75% of market average. How would run recruitment strategy and how would you sell company to candidates?
CS3. You work for a company where policy does not allow headhunting/approaching candidtes directly, you need to fill 30 senior positions per year but with your budget you can retain 10 positions with agencies only. How will you fill all 30 positions?
CS4. What position do you recruit for? What keywords would you use to find person like that on LinkedIn/search engine/ATS?

Good luck with interviewing recruiters!!! :-)

So cool!!! I want to be in HR ;-)

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Communities within corporates = Referral 2.0

I'm more and more engaged in building Google's presence in Krakow and there is a decent number of referrals coming in from day one.
As you might guess we receive number of referrals from Polish (or Polish origin) Googlers who do have number of community contacts in their neighborhood (like Bay Area) and number of ex-colleagues, friends, schoolmates in the 'old country'.
This is a kind of eyeopener for me and shows that building successful referral system should start with encouraging or even driving communities within the corporate. This might be also used for other then international recruitment assignments - let's just take an example of struggle that every engineering organization has with attracting women-engineers -> maybe driving community effort is the good place to start.
Referral is not enough -> we should move to REFERRAL 2.0

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Google in Krakow

After being pinged few times I do confirm Google engineering center will open in Krakow.
For those interested in applying I recommend this link.
As for what Google will do in Krakow.... hmm as usually we're looking for people who do like challenges in computer science so we can give them some of the most challenging tasks in CS...;-)

Monster needs a shake up!

Few weeks ago I read in RED HERRING about some changes @ Monster.
I think I'm not the only one who sees this service in Europe as poor, over-priced and not efficient.
Hints for new Monster's leadership:
- create jobserve like, contract, up to 200 characters adverts for contractors
- clear up your candidates database - you have so much trash!
- make posting user and price friendly + introduce some personalization
- make your service locally available. Besides of UK & Italy your products offering across EMEA is awfully poor
- where are your mobile products?!
- do something with you UI (again -> jobserve = good example)
Why do I want you to change? Because you're the only global provider and if I would have a choice I would go with someone else but I do not so please ... change.

Accenture sourcing - utilizing brand potential

I met with my BetterHalf's boss on Friday and we had interesting conversation about the way Accenture does the stuff. I'm must say it's a shame that while Accenture has such a good employer brand in Central Europe it has problems (OK she did not say problems it's my conclusion) with graduate sourcing and with headhunting.
Graduate sourcing - I remember from few campuses that Accenture advertises as a consulting organisation while they do not advertise themselves as an employer openly - there is a space for improvement in that matter
Headhunting - I was surprised to hear that Accenture does not allow their internal sourcing teams to headhunt. In this global hunt for talent I don't thing that this strategy pays off in along run
Master Yoda would say: On your sourcing problems meditate I will

PS. On Prague recruitment chamber meditate i will too

Friday, December 1, 2006

Pracuj goes east!

I learned 2 days ago that Communication Partners - owner of pracuj.pl is taking over rabota.ua - looks like a good move. I think that there are few other opportunities to investigate I would try Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania + pracuj did not utilized it full potential in Poland as well - where are the local temp jobs?
I'm curious what is happening with ONREA initiative these days - I would expect some integration here.

it's a cool dilbert day!