Friday, October 12, 2007

back after a while

yeah, yeah I know... my activity on this blog was relatively poor over last 9 months but I had a load of non-work related stuff on my plate.
I'm slowly coming back to my 100% work capacity and I'm hoping to keep on contributing to this blog... see you soon ;-)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

2nd meeting with Dave Mendoza

Met with Dave on Sunday again and he motivated me to start networking with my fellow recruiters in CEE. ... well I was announcing doing it many times in the past but it's the first time I will actually do something about it.
You will hear about new networking initiative very soon - here I come...:-)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Why is it so cool to work for Google?

Because we have new exciting travel policy ....;-)

Meeting with Dave Mendoza

I met with Dave Mendoza yesterday since he decided to have short holiday break in Prague.
We had a long and very interesting conversation on loads of stuff including utilizing text messages for sourcing, LinkedIn cheats, JobMachine prospects in Europe as well as what chances do we have to loose our jobs during bubble 2.0 ...:-)
I'm a big fan of what Dave and Shally are doing and I think that they have a decent chance of success.
I hope we will be meeting more regularly from now on.

1 click answer from and sourcing diversity candidtes trough LinkedIn

1 Click Answer from

When being a technology recruiter you need to stay up to date with technology, but does that mean that you need to get CS degree?
No it's absolutely fine if you know how to use the tools that will keep you stay updated. All you need to do is just download this add-on and you're able to look almost anything in word/pdf/HTML resume to see what this technology does using Alt + right click.

How to qualify female engineers trough LinkedIn?

Since the beginning of the times men were fighting to have more women and in XXI this war turned into 'war for (female) engineering talent'. Every technology organisation struggles to get enough diversity staff so diversity sourcing/recruitment is ussually one of the hardest tasks. I recently found a list of female names on the internet (not perfect and not too long but still better then nothing) and I keep on updating it with new names.
How do I use it with LinkedIn? Try keywords like: Mirella, java or Anna, C++, or Lisa and Unix etc Of course not all results are perfect but since there is no any perfect web sourcing methods for diversity this one seems to be one of the best and LinkedIn is where I started but there are more and more other sources you can use your names list with (search engines, metasearches, other networking sites etc)

good luck

Monday, February 26, 2007

Google in Krakow - growing fast

Sorry for being quiet for a while but rapid growth requires lot of sacrifices.
Just spend some time in Krakow helping to grow the office.... now time of offers comes ...;-)
Will do my best to write few words about batch interviews in coming days - it's a good experience to have.
Google office in Krakow is an astonishing Austro-Hungarian palace - very posh - cannot wait to see some warmer interior.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Another complain about job boards

I groan a bit and complain about everything but I'm 20th day into my nicotine rehab what I use as a perfect excuse for everything I do wrong...;-)
I was reviewing, recently, few job boards in CEE and I noticed that almost all of the players do not allow advertisers to post jobs by themselves and they do not allow credit card payments.
Bright example (surprisingly) comes from Serbia what proves my 'young market dynamics theory' (there was no job boards in Serbia 2-3 years ago). Well done! I just hope it's going to be while before Monster will eat you (like they did in the neighbouring Croatia).
Looks like there is a space for another interface between customer and the buyer (and another commission). Maybe instead of complaining I should open up a job posting media house and start collecting those commissions.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Fortune names Google the best company to work for!!!


I wonder what we should do to keep it that way next year...:-)