Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fortune: aaaaaand the winner is....

.... Google ... again :-) Great job Jude!!!
Do we have to wait for Fortune to have Polish edition to have a list of the best employers in PL to work for?
So far Google PL topped the only poll we took a part in -> Corporate Diversity Index organized by The Gay and Lesbian Economic Society in Poland.

Recently I asked one of very experienced Google engineers why would Software Engineer leave Google.... and the answer was 'to retire' :-D

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Google Krakow - high performence recruitment or simply recruitment animals ;-)

Despite I wasn't too active on this blog in recent months I kept on recruiting engineering staff for Google office in Krakow.
Google's engineering center in Krakow starts to turn into significant point on Google's world map and it's not only because of the size but also due to quality of the job that is being delivered by the team... and get this -> there was no Google Krakow 9 months ago ;-)
We achieved some hiring milestones and we want to keep it that way next year:
Milestone no 1 - we managed to find tonnes of talent in Central Europe. We knew about the talent pool in advance but we weren't sure if we can convince local engineers to apply
Milestone no 2 - we have female Software Engineers working for us. If you ever worked for technology company you know that male/female ratio is always an issue. Well we're still behind 50/50 ratio but we have living proves that you can be both successful software engineer at Google and be good mother ;-)
Milestone no 3 - we managed to attract engineers from both Central European region as well as from other parts of the world to apply to Google Krakow and with 12 nationalities we're still behind Mountain View/Zurich/NYC but soon it will look like some UN agency ;-)

I do recall empty spaces of Palac Pod Orlem in June but now I feel proud that we don't have almost no free space left 6 months later ;-)

Here are few of pix from Google Krakow from June 07 (there was still some space left)

working hard

.... and harder....

.... and harder (guess who has such a fine swing ;-)).

and few pix from Krakow old town: