Friday, February 8, 2008

Google Czech Engineering Team - Ahoj

... and another great moment in Google's history in EMEA. We just had first people starting in our Czech Engineering Team and we're gearing up to build great products targeting Czech market as well as contributing to our global product portfolio. Czech Engineering Team will be led by Jan Sedivy who joins us from IBM labs in Prague and I'm looking foreword to things that he and his team will deliver :-) This team will be based in Krakow for the time being.

We're still looking looking for Czech / Slovak speaking Software Engineers, Senior SWEs, Tech Lead Managers and Engineering Directors so if you're interested in being one of the first engineers in this taskforce please apply here.

PS. Speaking of Czech Google -> Tania Le Moigne just made it to the cover of Hospodarke Noviny's weekend insert - here is the full article (in Czech)

PS II - Answer to: 'Does it mean that we can expect more detailed maps of the Czech Republic in google maps soon?' Don't know - The team that is responsible for quality of the maps' scans is distributed globally and I don't know what criteria they use for some parts of the world being in better/worse quality...:-( It would be logic is the criteria would be number of zoom-ins on countries/regions (more zoom ins the better quality pictures they have)


Lukas said...

Does it mean that we can expect more detailed maps of the Czech Republic in google maps soon?

Alois Vytlemek said...

When should the team move to Prague? It's important for many Czech software engineers who would much like to work at Google, just don't want to move.

Tomáš Hubálek said...
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