Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Using linkedin when working for remote location = building strong network overseas

Recently I had a couple of interesting chats with my colleagues about sitting in different location that you recruit for.

Majority of the recruiters in EMEA faced challenges of working with markets they don't know much about. Don't worry building a local network does not have to be that difficult as you think - how to do it in 3 steps:

1. Send email to everyone_country@yourcompany.com with a quick intro: 'hi my name is, i'm your recruiter blah blah. I would like to find top talents for position_XYZ and for that I would like to build a network in your country. If you have linkedin account i would like to connect with you and browse your connections (don't worry - before spamming your 1st degree connections will let you know, but i will focus on your 2nd degree connections) so please accept/send me invites'.

2. See who from this site is on linked in and send them invites

3. Browse the connections/referrers/companies and...

...there you go - you didn't know anyone in the country week ago and now you have 1000+ connections just after linking up with few colleagues

Good luck!

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