Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Search: Google salaries -> Did you mean: Great place for Software Engineers?

I noticed that some % of the searches that end up on my blog are related to what Google pays (with one of the most popular - 'google krakow salary'). I decided to write few words for those who believe that all answers are on the web:

1. It's not that it does not happen but with 000s of people applying to Google I spoke to over last 2 years very few asked me about the wages in the beginning. I cannot remember anyone asking me monies question and getting hired. Advise: stay focused! :-)

2. Do you believe salary info you can find on the internet is reliable? I saw few posts about what Google pays in Krakow and tonnes of experts on the matter (usually claiming that they turned down offer from us) posting some completely false numbers. For those who claim to be one of those (or claim to know someone) who turned down offer from Google Krakow - we had only one person turning down our offer up till now (so why there are dozens of you posting from different IPs ;-)).

3. Do you really believe that Google is looking for cheap labor/cost cutting offshore centers? Look at the location of our offices and where are those offices based in those cities (NYC-9th ave, London-Victoria Station, Krakow-Krupnicza/Rynek). I would jump here to logic conclusions :-)

4. and last but not least: Maybe instead of looking for information about salaries at Google try to find ex-Google SWE who left due to the monies? :-)


Google Russia - GMail TV commercial

Google Russia works on promoting GMail in Russian speaking countries/territories and here is TV commercial (you don't have to speak Russian):