Monday, April 14, 2008

Google Krakow in Rynek - new office - new pictures

Just got back from Krakow where I had a chance to see the new Google Krakow's spaces. New office is in Krakow's Main Market Square and it's in 14th century tenants house just opposite of the Wierzynek restaurant (serving pierogi since 1364). From now on Googlers from Krakow will be operating in this and the 'old' office in Krupnicza. The distance between the sites is less then 5 mins walk and of course bike is the bast way to commute.
Few pictures below:

The building

view from the office

but some prefer to stay focused

mikro kitchen

finally someone to make sure engineers are not hungry - meet Mariola

Mihai is happy to have all of those snacks

I want to work here! Where to apply?! :-)

conference room

Krakow Googlers do not drive to work

table tennis room

chill out

reception area

beer gardens in the Square

Postcard from the Square

Street performers at the Square

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Interviewing recruiter - part 2

I recently exchanged few emails with my readers on the interviewing recruiter post so I decided to add few more. One of the questions below is not mine (and I hope that author will not mind making it public):
- Case study 1: You have to hire 100 Software Engineers in 3 months. How would you do that?
- Case study 2: You have to increase diversity hirings (for the diversity you can put whatever is your target group) to be 20% of the total (it's 10% now). What do you do?
- Case study 3: You don't have enough active applicants via website and job-boards, you can't engage agencies and you don't have bandwidth to source by yourself. How will you increase number of applicants?

Good luck!

Wrong interview

Since it's fool's day it's time for something serious.
So there were 2 men sitting at BBC reception in London some time last year - Guy and Guy.
Guy 1 was a cab driver coming for a job interview and Guy 2 was invited to BBC to comment on Apple's court verdict so in the end of the day wide audience could see something that probably every recruiter had at least once in a lifetime: Is it really the right guy (Guy) I'm interviewing? :-)