Monday, June 23, 2008

Eventful week in Google Krakow

I was all of last week in Krakow doing loads of recruitment stuff but on top of that I saw few other things happening there in parallel:

1. GoogleServe - I was very positively surprised seeing Googlers from Krakow contributing beyond they day-to-day work (from ecology to supporting those who need help the most) - picture below: Krakow SWEs are playing Rock Band with kids from the local orphanage

2. Sergey Brin visited Krakow office (together with Jeff Hubber) to see the stuff engineers are working on (heard that some product presentations made very good impression on both of them)

3. My colleges from recruitment team managed to invite around 20 female SWEs to show them how we work (and it was Sergey opening the event and then joining for networking/mingling session)

and on top of that I had my work to do so there were loads of stuff to deal with + rich after hours life of Krakow SWEs always keeps me busy :-)

I'm currently running couple of projects on how to generate traffic to recruitment website without using external parties (like postings on job boards or banners) so I will write couple of posts soon on the stuff I can expose to public - stay tunned :-)

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